You Don’t Know What You Want

You may think you do, but until you are confronted with options – perhaps just a few or maybe dozens, you don’t really begin to understand what you want.

In this humble case, you don’t believe that you want a yellow tub.  Who would?  Yet, when you browse the apartment listings online, you fall into a sea of photos of white subway tile, one generic wall of white followed by another.  The dozens of galleries are interchangeable, and after hours of clicking through images, you realize it really doesn’t matter which apartment you choose, because they’re essentially all the same.  

That is, until you click on the listing for Lady Broadway.  There she is, with that joyous yellow tub, glowing audaciously in the sunlight.  How dare she?  This is bold, unconventional, and totally in your face.  She isn’t hiding her personality in the dark shadows of a closeted afterthought of a bathroom.  No, she has the nerve to showcase herself in front of a window, basking in her glory.  Take it in.  There’s no looking away.

Almost in spite of yourself, you start thinking about how that yellow tub might lift your spirits each morning.  You feel a sense of familiarity that you can’t quite place, and then it comes to you.  Lady Broadway’s tub is the same shade of yellow you saw in the YouTube video about 2022 design trends and the return of Art Deco.  The shades of gray with the classic yellow, the elegant lines – that’s it! 

Suddenly, you know what you want and what you must have.

You want a yellow tub.

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