Save it or raze it

In this season of renewal, I find myself looking with a discerning eye toward what can be renewed and what must be removed to make space for the new.

When we can save it and it’s worth being saved, let’s do it. There’s value in reuse. There’s value in salvaging what can be saved. But there are also times when you have to take the structure to the ground, remembering that the soil provided the foundation, and something new can arise.

One of my dreams for the future is to create a tiny home community centered around a communal garden. I’m trying to educate myself and I’m learning about the tiny home experiences of others.

A couple in Colorado found and purchased a home that had been devastated by fire. The structure was a burnt out shell and no one was interested. But they were interested, because they weren’t looking at the shell. They were looking at what was beneath it. The property had a well, septic system, and electric service in the perfect location to place their tiny home. They ended up adding a deck and an additional structure that made the end result their dream home. You can watch their story here.

They had the courage and creativity to look at something in a new way. As the world around me begins to renew, I’m challenging myself to do the same. Save it, restore it, or raze it. Make space for new beginnings.

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