How Broadway Got Her Groove Back

You’ve come a long way, Lady. After decades of abuse and neglect, you’re back. We didn’t try to change who you are. You always had understated elegance, and we weren’t trying to erase your identity. But your value had been overlooked for too long by too many people. That’s how life works sometimes. You’re gettingContinue reading “How Broadway Got Her Groove Back”

What is it?

As part of the renovation process at our Broadway property, we had to apply for a building permit for exterior repairs. (Side note here for a mini-celebration…it took me 51 years to need to do this, and my first attempt was approved. Yay, me.) I should clarify. The permit was approved with conditions. One ofContinue reading “What is it?”

Save it or raze it

In this season of renewal, I find myself looking with a discerning eye toward what can be renewed and what must be removed to make space for the new. When we can save it and it’s worth being saved, let’s do it. There’s value in reuse. There’s value in salvaging what can be saved. ButContinue reading “Save it or raze it”

What about a mural?

I get it, the rendering is quick and dirty, maybe even crude. Working with photos isn’t my strong point…at least not yet. But the image gets the point across. If you owned a property that could be a canvas for a mural, would you want one? What would you want the mural to convey? IfContinue reading “What about a mural?”

Don’t Respect My Privacy

I won’t respect yours, either. This morning I’m reflecting on a first in our business. We had our first experience of a tenant who passed away in a unit and was found after neighbors suspected a problem. It’s been a sad, distressing, and difficult process for everyone involved, but this post isn’t about being aContinue reading “Don’t Respect My Privacy”